Two of our team members, who recently moved into this country, bought a new car. Little did they know about the parking situation at campus!! They missed a some classes because of this. On the other hand, other two team members do not have a car. Coming to campus on weird timings is a daily struggle for them! What if these people can actually go together, in one car, save some bucks, meet each other, save fuel, prevent global warming, save universe!! Carpool is the answer!!

What it does

So versityPOOL is a cool web application which is a platform where students of different universities(with .edu IDs) can freely register as potential drivers or riders and find people from their own school and/or major as travel companions. No one wants a long ride to be boring. This application gives you a chance to find people with similar interests in your neighbourhood.

How We built it

A bit of node.js, a bit of HTML (with css and jQuery of course), sprinkled with some fancy Ajax calls and BOOM!! versityPOOL GUYS!!!

Challenges We ran into

Countless!! We literally started setting up the environment after coming here. With 0 programming experience in node.js, we ran into a hell lot of difficulties!! But thankfully, we were able to build this app... Or at least some part of it!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One of a kind application with a unique idea! Come on, A user friendly carpool app with neat UI which lets you find people having similar interests!! What more do you want!! Free candies!?

What We learned

Pretty much everything!! Guys working on front end were using bootstrap for the first time. Guys working on the back end used node.js and mongodb for the first time!! And it was a LOT OF STRUGGLE!! REAL STRUGGLE!! But we all learned a lot, apart from technical stuff, a lot team work stuff.

What's next for versityPOOL

Probably one android app first!! We were on it, but ran out of time. And probably more features to add like filters to search people. And one of the most important features, a messaging app.

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