We had a sub-par experience attempting to pay for drinks at Maker's Dai Dappy Hour on Wednesday night. A burner wallet was provided however many couldn't scan the QR code to get set up properly.

The bar resorted to doing on-chain transactions, but without a solid Internet connection this proved difficult.

We decided to improve the experience of setting up a tab at a bar or doing any sort of in-person purchases for smaller amounts of money.

What it does

Vero seeks to replace traditional fiat credit systems by assigning each Customer with their own Credit Score.

The Customer signs up for HumanityDAO (although any similar identity verification tool could work) and has them stake some Dai to show they're serious.

The Customer initiates a payment by getting the Vendor's (or Recipient's) wallet address, entering in how much Dai they'd like to pay and then signing the intent for payment into an Ethereum message.

The Recipient then scans the newly generated QR Code with the Customer's address, amount they're paying, timestamp and signed message. This gets added to their browser's local database.

When the Recipient has enough transactions collected, has some downtime or has closed up shop they can ring through every intent for payment message in 1 or 2 batch transactions on-chain to secure their funds.

How we built it

Our goal was to make it as simple and painless a process as possible for both the Customer (sender) and Vendor (recipient). Only basic Ethereum tools such as MetaMask, Opera/Coinbase Wallet or any other Eth wallet will work.

Each user only need visit the app online at to initiate transfers, see how much they've spent in a night, see all of the payment intents they've received, or reconcile payment intents into actual payments on-chain.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Apple doesn't support QR Code scanning on iPhones in any Web3-enabled browsers. To properly roll out support for iPhones we would need to build a native iOS app instead of a web app.

  2. The Web3.js library's "sign message" code is poorly built.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to get the smart contracts, the EC Recover code, the QR Code generation & scanning for both parties as well as the web frontend completed. The proof of concept works and it's a rather slick experience (if we do say so ourselves).

What we learned

We learned it's possible to improve on the current credit system, cut out the middleman and cut out the exorbitant transaction fees while providing a rather seamless experience for both Customers and Vendors.

What's next for Vero - the Ethereum Credit System

It would be fantastic to do user interviews to see where any current pain points lie, as well as put it into motion at a bar such as Room77 or anywhere they want to accept Ethereum-based Dai payments.

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