The inspiration for Verkaufsstelle came from the need to be able to sell custom products on the blockchain, something not seen too much in Web3 but a fundamental aspect of a healthy economic system. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to transact using a third party series of contracts that enable them to list, receive customer payments and withdraw permissionlessly.

What it does

Verkaufsstelle will enable you to sell products on the EVMOS blockchain. It does this by enabling you to create custom products and then list them however you wish either through API or Web front end, and it provides you with the ability to take payments for your products, retrieve payment records for historical transactions and withdraw currency from specific token contracts dependant on the balances you hold within those contracts.

For example you can configure one product to take payment in USDC and another to take payment in DAI, Verkaufsstelle will enable you as the seller to withdraw the balances for both tokens separately.

How we built it

The project has been built purely in solidity and deployed on the EVMOS blockchain the contributory contracts can be found deployed on the EVMOS testnet here:

Deployed Contracts

What we learned

The primary learning was that of the efficiency of EVMOS, which was quite good.

What's next for Verkaufsstelle

The next steps for Verkaufsstelle will be to build a comprehensive UI that can be used to service different types of store front

Built With

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