In nowadays most systems can block accounts that look strange(if they have a lot of money on them). This concept helps to prevent such situation

What it does

This concept helps to prevent such situation verifying each payment with real signature that deploys on FileStorage and uses pretrained ML-model downloaded on blockchain. Filestorage and ML are fully decentralized

How we built it

we use skale-ml and skale filestorage for this concept.

Challenges we ran into

we cannot train model on blockchain so we use pretrained one. also

Accomplishments that we're proud of

connecting ml-smart contract with js-agent so you can download signature and verify it right on the blockchain.

What we learned

better to write UI first:)x`

What's next for Veriyfit

add payments, use more difficult model and pretrain it on blockchain, add multisig for first transaction to train model

Built With

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