Semiott Protocol is created with the concept of building succinct symbols for social symbiosis. VerityNet is the implementation of Semitt Protocol Principles on Ethereum Decentralised Finance Platforms such as AAVE, Compound, Teller, StarkEx, The Graph, etc. One of the key principles of Semiott Protocol is Fairness Algorithms. Without Fairness Algorithms and Architectures, we cannot fulfill the daring and dynamic dream of decentralized finance across the wider cross-sections of the economy and society. Unfair algorithms are ruling the roost in the world of mainstream finance, in the formal and informal economy. Unfair algorithms are defining the logic and limits of finance products, services, and the fintech ecosystem. Hence fairness algorithms can play a crucial role in the creation of a radical market. I am applying probabilistic proofs created using zkSNARKs built from Circom Compiler, and SnarkJS Gadgets to bring privacy, secrecy, verifiability, and veracity into the financial algorithms.

Hence when we create applications for loans using DeFi protocols such as AAVE and Compound these fairness algorithms powered privacy proofs can ensure that there are no favoritism, partialities, asymmetries, and unfair decisions in issuing loans, tokens, assets, and derivatives. In VerityNet, you can see the integration of quadratic voting verifiers generated using Circom, SnarkJS, and MACI to make the governance of AAVE and Compound fair, formidable and fierce. A StarkWare Veedo VDF Beacon Contract powered RANDAO is introduced to the Governance protocols of AAVE and Compound. Likewise, the Circom Circuit generated Data Dispute Verifier contract is added to the Optimistic Rollup-based Tellor Oracle implementation. This to enable Verifiable Data Dispute Correction Capabilites in Tellor Oracles.

VerityNet also implements a TokenSwap between Tinlake Tokens and AAVE to demonstrate the roadmap towards a robust lending marketplace. VerityNet integrates Tinlake Tokens into StarkEx with focus on a scalable tokenmics. Quadratic Voting Verifiers are deployed on the Graph framework. The Gas Station Network are used across all these composable building blocks of VerityNet. Financial Fairness Algorithms and Architectures built on AAVE Tokens with Centrifuge Tinlake Framework based ERC 20 and ERC 721 based Privacy Preserving Non Fungible Token Swap and AAVE Protocol Governance using a Dynamic RANDAO Powered by StarkWare Veedo VDFs integrated with Consensus Oracles built on Chainlink External Adaptors and Linkpool Bridge.


Iden3 Circom Circuit based Financial Fairness Proofs SnarkJS based Fairness zk SNARK Verifiers Fairness Verifiers on Layer 2 Simple ZK Rollups Fairness Verifiers on Layer 2 Optimistic Rollups Tinlake ERC20 and ERC721 TokenSwap with AAVE Tokens RANDAO Secured using StarkWare Veedo VDF AAVE Protocol Governance using VDF Powered RANDAO Compound Protocol Governance using VDF Powered RANDAO Tellor Dispute Oracle Verifiers Data Dispute Proofs Tinklake Token integration with StarkEx

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