We were inspired by the shortcomings of augmented reality and virtual reality, and wanted to bridge the gap through fantastical, voice-activated animations.

What it does

Our creation is a construction of AR and VR technology from scratch used to empower the user and prompt unconventional forms of communication.

How we built it

With many trials and tribulations, we reduced the design down to the use of the phone's camera and microphone in combination with the Unity engine.

Challenges we ran into

Initially our design was clunky and overcomplicated, and through trial and error was boiled down to the sleek design of the phone and modified VR headset.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The technology and animations that ended up resulting from our experimentation lived up to our own expectations

What we learned

We learned Unity throughout the night and its capabilities beyond video game design.

What's next for Verity

Verity has practical applications within head-mounted UI technology.

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