What it does: VeriRoute is a unique transportation application that allows users to not only identify the quickest path to their destination, but also various safety metrics that characterize each route. When their route is selected, we utilize EverQuote’s anonymous database which characterize various dangerous behaviors, such as phone usage, speeding, acceleration, and braking, along the latitude and longitude locations that characterize their route. We utilize data that represents the frequency of crime-related incidents along the route as well, and compile all of these metrics to provide a subjective, weighted score to depict the safety of each route. The aim is to provide users, particularly those unfamiliar with the areas they are venturing into, with an added measure of security.

How we built it: We obtained a database from EverQuote, which contained data over a period of time that identified when people at each specific latitude and longitude location were either speeding, accelerating, using their phone, or braking. Each of these points were anonymous, and we used JavaScript to parse this data file to both obtain points within a 0.5 mile radius along the route, and applied a subjective weighting system to characterize the score based on the density of each of the four events described above. We then overlapped crime data in the same fashion, and applied a final score based on this data.

Challenges We Ran Into:

A major challenge we ran into that limited the reliability and capability of the application was the limited amount of data we had to work with. This made it difficult to scale our idea, since we only had a limited batch of locations and a limited time frame in which the data was collected. Another major limitation we ran into was the lack of immediate availability of comprehensive crime data. Much of this data was gathered in or around metropolitan areas, so the scope in which we could extrapolate results was severely diminished. This also offered a scalability challenge, since the scores would be skewed unfairly if the route took an individual through a major city.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We were thrilled to get the application up and running at the level it is at. Two of our team members were first-time hackathon participants, so there was a lot of explanation and instruction along with writing code and fleshing out the idea. However, we were happy that we were able to take a large static data set and actually create something of immediate use for those concerned about theirs, or their families safety when travelling. We also are very excited about the various ways in which we can scale our idea.

Future Scalability and Usage of VeriRoute:

VeriRoute was designed in such a way that it can be scaled for a larger and larger area based on the amount of information in a given CSV file. As more and more CSV data is provided to us by EverQuote, more and more accurate routing predictions will be given by VeriRoute. Also, increasing the amount of comprehensive crime data around the U.S fed to VeriQuote will provide it with a means to provide more accurate routing predictions. International Scalability can be achieved as well, provided that accurate crime data in the nation is released to the general public.

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