We thought we would build a hack that fills a need that doesn't exist. Since there are very few safeguards against pirating of files online (hint: textbooks)

What it does

VeriPrint is a marketplace and SaaS that stores 3D model objects and allows creators to license single-use tokens for clients wishing to print their design. Once the design has been printed, the single-use token is no longer valid for printing additional copies. We also maintain a blockchain of all print records to log if a client uses a token, and then verify that the token can't be double-spent.

How we built it

The project was built using ASP.NET CORE as the main framework to power our SaaS. The website was built using HTML and CSS design powered by a PHP backend. Finally, the blockchain was implemented as a private network using C#.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually built something.

What we learned

Blockchains are easier for people to create than they may believe. However, creating a hack utilizing starkly different frameworks creates

What's next for VeriPrint

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posted an update

VeriPrint is a shop/dashboard for creators to store and sell 3D models to reduce copyright infringement with an immutable blockchain ledger and 3D printer handshake firmware.

Firmware was built in C Backend for BlockChain ledger, user/product/transaction authentication in C# MySQL and LAMP.

Front end in html5/css3/php

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