Unlock the lockdown with verifiable COVID-19 status certificates

The Problem

Countries, workplaces and people are still operating under fluctuating and heavy restrictions.

During the lock-down and self-isolation, staying home is a blunt measure - that’s what you do when you really have nothing else. 3 billion people, and in particular front-line workers, and their employers are faced with impossible decisions; whether to stay at home with the sniffles in allergy season or with flu-like symptoms is a life or death question as hospitals and nursing homes are overwhelmed by infections and surging patient admissions. The only remedy is testing to know who might be contagious or immune or not. However, the unknowns of onset of the infectious period, relapses and longevity of immunity are problematic, poking a hole in the flock immunity theory as a solution. To top it off, with the flood of test kits, many of them from shoddy distributors, the complexity increases. Another serious challenge is that in some countries like Sweden contact tracing is required by law. The insurmountable legal challenge adds pressure on the whole health care system. Additionally, as the world waits for a vaccine cure, digital solutions in contact and symptom tracking are launched but verified infections and privacy is a rarity at best in private and national solutions.


Certify.health provides a digital COVID-19 status certificate to unlock the lockdown. This is how for instance testing, contact tracing and many other interventions can be trusted.

We can issue a privacy-by-design COVID-19 status certificate to first-line care professionals and then corporate workers for a completed antibody or diagnostic tests to help unlock the lockdown.

Anyone in the world will have the ability to ask for a COVID-19 antibody or infection certificate at any clinic. Accredited Clinics register themselves and input the patient certificate claim into Certify.health portal by app or website. After the test, the accredited clinician issues the certificate to the candidates Certify.health app—their own health wallet. The verified authenticated digital certificate is for infection and antibody test unlocking the lockdown. In the future, a vaccination certificate will be included in a health wallet. IF you are already tested, don’t worry, there is a post-test claim retrieval function.

The consortium is now one-two months away from piloting verifiable individual antibody and diagnosis test certificates with the Certify.health app. This allows, for instance, contact tracing, validation of diagnostic or serological tests, restricted travel, authorization of personnel and organization.

What we did

We created a UI/UX and user flow for issuing and claiming the digital certificates from approved COVID19 tests. The certificates are integrated into an existing solution that could harness the global passport and electronic identity authentication infrastructure. Over the weekend we spoke to numerous large corporations, health officials and test kit manufacturers.


Certify.health will sign an agreement to digitally certify more than 109 000 people in three countries with potential of scale to 10 million this year. An oral agreement was made to include a Certify.health letter in hundreds and thousands of antibody test kits shipped from European manufacturers to Europe and USA. The letter on-boards candidates to pre-register their certificate on the Certify.health webpage launched during the hack. The Finnish partners current capacity is to create ten million antibody tests so the direct marketing will be invaluable. Most importantly, manufacturers agreed to include the certificate to 100 000 test kits and hospitals do post-test certifications for the metropolitan area they serve. The current emerging digital solutions for fighting COVID19 clearly makes the case of the rarety of GDPR compliant, citizen-centred verifiable and quality assured health data. A tall order that Certify.health solves. All digital solutions can now join the fray by using Certify.health’s unique but already used identity authentication solution and verified certificates that are derived from global standards used in official documents such as ePassports, national identity cards and enhanced driver’s licenses. The laying out of a quality assurance Software-as-a-Service layer that piggybacks on globally existing infrastructure will result in a unique citizen-centric health data ecosystem. Worldwide implementation is fully feasible and may be adopted immediately in a plethora of situations. The identity authentication, privacy-by-design and anonymity are foundational to personal health data in Europe and will be a competitive edge internationally. Regardless of the definition and duration of immunity for COVID-19, there is great value in quality assurance and information of conducted tests.

Resources needed

Certify.health has scheduled to sign a project grant agreement next week to pilot the solution. The funds will be used to do maintainable code and launch the project and therefore will need to hire and raise more funds to rapidly expand to targeted countries of interest. The next step is to successfully certify 10 million people with regional partners, partner with WHO and rapidly expand to multiple countries.


The solution is essentially a privacy-by-design international certificate health wallet that can be used to certify any diagnosis, test or vaccination.

List of partners to implement 2020 CareChain has been developing Self Sovereign Health records and the concept of verified Health Records since 2017. CareChain is the sole owner and responsible for the Certify.Health App and has a free unlimited license with Svipe AB for identity authentication. Pre-order and claim test certificates at certify.health. Svipe a key partner develops and maintains the digital identity foundation and certificate management app, SvipeID app, a prerequisite to the issuance of identity from official government documents and the self-sovereign management of the certificates.

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