The Inspiration is to bring Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Developments Mainstream!

Quote Ripple CTO: We need Frameworks which protects the consumers, but doesn't suffocate the innovation in the Process.

Thats what we build, we regulate the Market but decentralized which give the technology to the same potential to grow as before.

What it does

  1. Stop Money Laundering
  2. Verifies Users
  3. Protect Exchanges
  4. Build you own decentralized Identity with one assigned Payment ID

How I built it

WITH OUR GREAT TEAM! We build the whole KYC.Crypto dApp on the Tron Blockchain and connected it with IPFS. All Datas on IPFS and the Smart contracts are fully encoded.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest problem was to find the perfect match based on the worldwide legal opinion! Every country has own Laws based on the personal Documents and Identity and we found the green dot, we created an product which allows no one without your confirmation to watch your Documents or personal Details.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud we are the first and oiliest global decentralized KYC Sharing Platform with integrated PayID! The PayID makes it now much faster for the future to follow our target to be the first 100% decentralized but regulated Bank.

What I learned


What's next for Verified PayID

As next we will implement an subscription and time release smart contract which companies can use to pay salaries cheap and decentralized to all stuffs or for private costumers to pay monthly the rent or something like this!

All connected with the PayID.

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