We were inspired by the division among dorms on campus. Students in Stoney Island, (the real) I-House, and off campus feel especially isolated.

This website is a platform for dorms to connect, as well as get useful information.

We used html, js, and css to build this website. Additionally, we embedded a quiz from an online quiz maker, and code generated from training google teachable machine.

We are all first year computer science majors. We struggled with everything. It took 5 hours just to get the website live. We tried to host with google, wix, AWS, and several other services, but eventually got GitHub to work. We struggled with html, js, and css, and embedding. We coded a chat room, but could not host it dynamically on GitHub.

Our website exists! It is live! And we didn't use Wix or Wordpress. We integrated some cool features, and we think our idea is creative.

We learned how to host a website on GitHub! We learned how to code a chat room.

We think this idea could really take off. As we progress through the CS major, we could bring this project with us. With more time and skill, we'd love to implement the chat room. We would train Google teachable machine to recognize offensive memes to help with automated chat room censoring. We also want an interactive events calendar.

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