The 2016 presidential election and the effect that it had on the news. The MACRON hacking scandal in the past French election

What it does

Prompts for a url and then determines whether the text at the URL is fake or real

How we built it

We used a Passive Aggressive classifier in Python from the sklearn library that was trained on a dataset of fake and real news: link We used this tutorial: link

Challenges we ran into

Problem: Initially ran into issues with implementing the Python libraries in the app, learned that we could not use complex Python machine learning libraries in the Google app engine

Proposed Solution: Switched to Heroku instead

Issues: lack of familiarity with web applications, our person who did did not appear for our submission

Final Solution: Making a text-based script

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked with all different types of people, including people who did not have computer science and everyone got to have a significant contribution and work together as a team

What we learned

How to work together with different personalities

What's next for [verified]

Implementing the web application on Heroku and eventually moving to social media content.

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