What is Verifiable

Verifiable is a Wolfram based neural net application that verifies whether a news website or a news article is real or fake through an easy to use interface such as Alexa and a Google plugin. The Google plugin interface is very simple to use in that the user goes to any news site article and simply clicks on the plugin, which then shows a pop up that tells the user whether the news is real or fake. The plugin also tells the user the probability of the news article being real or fake. Using Alexa, you can ask her to verify sites and news headlines on the go, and using the Wolfram neural net, Alexa will tell you if the site is real or fake. Since all of this relies on the Wolfram’s neural net we can make the application even better by feeding more data.


The inspiration for this project comes from the turbulent political environment that we have today which is perpetuated through unverified and misinformed news.


The biggest challenge of creating this project was learning the Wolfram language, parsing through thousands of of compiled repos of data and news sources, and learning how to create Alexa skills.

What's Next

Feeding Verifiable's neural networks will make it smarter, so that will be a core focus for us. We will also focus on making it applicable, especially to those affected by fake news.

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