The inspiration for Verdant is to decrease the carbon footprint we leave behind when constructing our dream home. At the same time, it gives you information and solutions to the problems you may face to make your project more sustainable, eco-friendly, and by being mind full of carbon emissions.

What it does

Verdant is a system that allows you to look at the sustainability characteristics of any property that you want to buy/rent/stay at. It will enable you to search for properties with the best environment rating - based on factors like Carbon footprint, greenhouse emission, Crime safety, energy consumption, LEED Data, and much more.

How we built it

we used React Native for the app, MongoDB for DB, google serverless cloud functions to tie it together. LEED Certification data, Crime data, EPA Data, DOE Data, and RIGIS Data to calculate the Verdant overall score

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was finding appropriate data because it is a new field of study that laypeople have never paid attention to. We also need to figure out a design to make it more palatable and user-friendly for the laypeople to engage with.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • The data sets and metrics we found can prove our theory about sustainability. Also, to shine a light on a carbon footprint related to Buildings that have not been as widely discussed as it should.
  • Working across three different timezones (Indian Standard Time, Central Time, Eastern Time)

What we learned

We learned the importance of sustainability and the effect that Greenhouse emissions and carbon footprints are having on this planet of ours. However, we also learned how dire the situation is if we do not do anything about it. We also learned how to improve our skills with Figma and React native app

What is next for Verdant

Integrate with a google search engine to find the most sustainable products and add our matrics system, a green score, and a seal to show how sustainable a product is. Also, add a Verdant scoring system on Amazon, Zillow, etc., to anywhere people can look for sustainable products. We also plan to develop Verdant into what its initial idea was, to create a platform for Architects to develop their initial architect design using Verdant so they can make a product that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and does not leave behind soo much of a carbon footprint.

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