Verdandi is the goddess of the present who measure your fate. She shall guide your startup toward growth and success.

To use the demo version of her (Submitted to Watson Challenge), go to:

Choose the channel, and she should be able to communicate with you and your team.

To begin, just ask her what can she do, the way you ask someone.

At the moment, Verdandi serves as an artificial HR solution. Anyone can send a CV over to her, and she can filter those CV as needed. She also have other neat feature for stress reducing and focus/performance enhancing.

To test her CV exaction feature, download one of the docx CVs sample in this folder:

Tweak the text in it as needed, and upload it to her for testing.


  • CV .docx extraction and interpretation
  • Pomodoro timer sync
  • Light entertainment

Watson Services used:

  • NLC for command and consent classification
  • Document Converter for CV extraction (works only for DOCX at the moment)
  • Concept Insight to answer conceptual question Below are for those who would like to folk Verdandi:


Setup your service in manifest.yml to match your services on Bluemix

node tools/trainnlc

Setup your nlc classifier with trainnlc.js and change the nlcID in modules/ibm/nlc.js to the one you got.

echo "" > key.json or cp sample-key.json key.json

Create a key.json file at the root of this repository (Either command above does the job). Refer to sample-key.json for a sample of the key file.

npm i

Install dependencies.

sudo npm i -g nodemon

I like nodemon and supervisor.


nodemon lab

Built With

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posted an update

For the judge: As this bot is entirely in development, if the demo version of the bot stopped working or it repeats the answer too many time, please fork the bot and test it using your own Slack-App and BlueMix credentials.

To create a new Slack-app and obtains needed credential:

(Set redirect to http://localhost:9000/oauth )

For Bluemix services, an example key file has been provided inside the repo. The format is exactly as the extracted key from Bluemix's Service page. Just extract, and copy/paste the necessary keys into the key file, then run the bot locally with

node lab.js

To install the bot to your channel, go to http://localhost:9000/login and you are all set.

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