There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants in Canada and they all speak different languages. According to the Canadian statics website, 83.4% of the Canadian population is made up of immigrants. Although, most of them know a bit of English, it is often not enough for them to comfortable navigate through applications that only offer English. As immigrants ourselves, we have seen firsthand that they would rather go to the bank to move money rather than use Online Personal Baking since it is not offered in their language.

What it does

verBank improves the banking experience for everyone by ensuring that bank's diverse customers from all over the world living in Canada can fully utilize their personal banking by displaying information in their preferred language.

How we built it

We integrated our banking app with the Plaid API to be able to access Personal Banking for our app.

Challenges we ran into

Fully integrating our multilingual app with Google Translate API so that we can translate it into any language. We decided in the end that we would translate it on our end to work around this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning about and integrating APIs!

What we learned

We learnt about what a local host is and how it is used and what APIs are and how they are integrated using Javascript, Node and JSON.

What's next for verBank

Integrating it with google translate API for more seamless translation to any language. Including voice recognition and Natural Language Processing for further ease of use for Personal Banking.

Built With

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