As a computer science student, I realized many kids struggle to freely express themselves in social environments. Our team wanted to build an application that can help those people.

What it does

VerbaMate lets you connect with people who go to the same school as you through question and answer. You can ask a question from anyone you want and we let you decide if it's anonymous or open. VerbaMate is the perfect place for you if you ever feel curious about something but don't get the chance to ask it in person. Answer to the most interesting question at VerbaMate!

How we built it

We used Node.js and Express.js as our back-end, React-Native as our front-end and MongoDB for database. Our app works both on Android and IOS devices. During our hack, our team wanted to create the best user experience while keeping the performance at high speed. We used a UI kit called Kitten-Tricks for our React-Native components and used Firebase Cloud Messaging for notification handling.

Challenges we ran into

While there were many challenges through our hack, one of the most frustrating things was setting up the development environment and testing our app on both Android and IOS devices. One of the most time-consuming challenges we faced was handling the notification for Android and IOS devices separately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of ourselves because we were able to divide the work efficiently and produce clean and high-quality code. All our team members gave it their all and contributed enormously to the project. We were able to build fully-functional complex mobile app during this Hackathon and push our limits to the next level.

What we learned

Each member of our team learned many important lessons that will be useful in the future. Our knowledge of mobile app development has tremendously increased while enjoying the HackDavis 2020 together. Most importantly, we were able to find a solution that can solve a crucial social problem, a lack of communication.

What's next for VerbaMate

Our vision is to further develop VerbaMate and help college students express their selves more freely.

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