The game and the challenge

"Veo Veo" is a guessing game, the Spanish version of "I Spy", in which Alexa chooses an object in her virtual home and you must guess it right.

The game is available for Spanish speakers at the Amazon Store: Spain, United States, and Mexico. For this Alexa Skills Challenge, we have updated “Veo Veo” with a special pack (available to purchase in the US and Spain) to play in Alexa’s favorite farm, with plenty of new objects and animals.

What's new

In this challenge, we have added In-Skill Purchase (ISP) to our game. We've created the special pack "Veo Veo en la granja" in which you can play to guess more than 50 new objects and farm animals: dog, horse, duck, etc.

For users returning more than 3 times, before choosing a room to play in, Alexa will suggest you can play in the farm. Besides, the farm is available to purchase if you say "saber más sobre la granja" (know more) or "comprar la granja" (buy).

More ISP features:

  • If you don't know what to buy, say "que puedo comprar" (what can I buy).
  • Knowing what you have bought with "que he comprado".
  • Get a refund "cancelar la granja".

What it does

(Right now, this Skill is only available in Spanish).

Start the game choosing a room such as the kitchen or the dining room (or the farm!). Then, Alexa will choose an object, she'll sing you "Veo veo, ¿qué ves? una cosita ¿qué cosita es? empieza por la letra..." and you'll have to guess it.

Besides, Alexa will remember your record of guessed words, you can challenge yourself day after day... there are more than 100 objects in her virtual home and more than 50 in her favorite farm (Veo Veo en la granja special pack)!

What can you say

  • If you don't know what to do, say "ayuda" (help).
  • Change the room in which you play saying "cambia a la cocina" o "vamos a jugar en el baño".
  • If you need a clue, say "dame una pista".
  • If you don't know the word, change it saying "cambiar de palabra".
  • Ask Alexa to repeat with "repetir".

Challenges we ran into

Localizing for different cultures is a challenge: American houses are different from Spanish houses: room distribution, objects available (such as the washing machine!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've tried to create an enjoyable voice experience :)

What we learned

In-Skill Purchase requires a lot of testing and fine-tuning. Besides, choosing the right price is a matter of experimenting and measuring user behavior.

What's next for Veo Veo

  • More content and clues to purchase.
  • Translation into English.

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