Students often have a hard time finding complementary co-founders for their ventures/ideas and have limited interaction with students from other universities. Many universities don't even have entrepreneurship centers to help facilitate the matching of co-founders. Furthermore, it is hard to seek validation from a wide range of perspectives on your ideas when you're immediate network is just your university peers.

What it does

VenYard is a gamified platform that keeps users engaged and interested in entrepreneurship while building a community where students can search for co-founders across the world based on complementary skill sets and personas. VenYard’s collaboration features also extend to the ideation process feature where students can seek feedback and validation on their ideas from students beyond their university. We want to give the same access to entrepreneurship and venture building to every student across the world so they can have the tools and support to change the world.

How we built it

We built VenYard using JS, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MySQL, and a lack of sleep!

Challenges we ran into

We had several database-related issues related to the project submission page and the chat feature on each project dashboard. Furthermore, when clicking on a participant on a project's dashboard, we wanted their profile to be brought up but we ran into database issues there but that is the first problem we hope to fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For a pair of programmers who have horrible taste in design, we are proud of how this project turned out visually. We are also proud of how we have reached a point in our programming abilities where we are able to turn our ideas into reality!

What we learned

We were able to advance our knowledge of MySql and Javascript specifically. Aside from that, we were also able to practice pair programming by using the LiveShare extension on VSCode.

What's next for VenYard

We hope to expand the "Matching" feature by making it so that users can specify more criteria for what they want in the ideal co-founder. Additionally, we probably would have to take a look at the UI and make sure it's user-friendly because there are a few aspects that are still a little clunky. Lastly, the profile search feature needs to be redone because our initial idea of combining search and matching profiles doesn't make sense.

User Credentials if you do not want to create an account

username: password: revant

Submission Category

Education and Social Good

Discord Name

revantk16#6733, nicholas#2124

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