All of the Hackers for this project immigrated from all parts of the world. Coming from very different backgrounds learning English as a second language was not easy for us, and we wanted to make it easier for others to learn.

What it does

Our Google Chrome extensions allow users to get a precise definition of a highlighted word in English. The word definition will pop up on the screen along with its phonetic spelling, which the user will be able to save into a Firebase database. These saved words will be accessible via the extension icon that will prompt the user to a new VenusLingo tab, where they will able to study and review their favorite words.

How we built it

We made a Chrome extension and then connected it to a free dictionary API. We then sent the data from the Chrome extension to the Firebase database we created in order to assign flashcards to a specific Google account. We then made a website that allowed users to look through their flashcards and also quizzes themselves after logging in with their Google account.

Challenges we ran into

We had a really difficult time with the Chrome extension since none of us had ever done one before and the documentation is not very accessible. We also originally wanted to implement a translation functionality but were unable to find a free translation API, and when we tried using the google translate API on a free trial found it nearly possible to implement on a Chrome extension.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The extremely appealing visual transition under the VenusLingo quiz component. Learning how to use APIs for the first time for some of our members, using Firebase and google chrome authentication.

What we learned

We learned how to call APIs for google chrome extensions using Javascript. We also learned eventListeners to detect mouse clicks when the user highlights a text and learned to utilize popups which are “document elements” that are responsible for popping up a screen where the user can see the definition and the phonetic pronunciation of the words.

What's next for VenusLingo

The API that we originally wanted to use, Google Translate API, proved to be very difficult to use for Chrome extensions. It is definitely possible since we have found that other people used the API to build their extensions, but we have tried many methods that did not work. If we decide to progress with VenusLingo in the future, we will attempt to import and utilize the Google Translate API again in order to have a translation feature upon highlighting and selecting a word.

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