During the time of Corona, many companies suspend their activities, the whole world got effected by the pandemic, and definitely will not be the same after Corona, big events will be avoided from now but humans need a face to face contact to gain trust! Venues are now having a difficult time and problems to find customers! they lack of visibility. So we came up with solution to solve all this, providing safe venues, and enabling new alternative for the companies.

What it does

We developed an API restful to help companies integrate meeting spaces and venues in their platform. After the conversation between the B2B concluded to have a face to face meeting, Venuer takes the location of both of them, then gives results about best meeting places possible in their area.

How I built it

It was built on python as backend, django for frontend, it has the accessibility to show results according to User's location, both the two users' location and even their midpoint location, in order to give more alternative results and choices.

Challenges I ran into

Realizing the Idea and make it feasible, dealing with online Hackathon as it is my second one but was better than the previous.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of my self to participate in two challenges, in Predictovid and Venuer.

What I learned

I learned many tools and online services to brainstorm and prototype idea, such as Miro, its really helpful!

What's next for Venuer

Small improvement to be more efficient, later on will be providing more features to give better results for businesses.

Built With

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