What it does

Our inspiration was to create a game through Unity, as it has always been our childhood dreams to make one of our own. The game begins with a frog that chases the player through a forest. As the player runs from the frog, he can hear the frog gradually approach, increasing the volume. After 10 seconds, another frog spawns. After 20 seconds, additional frogs spawn.

How we built it and Challenges we ran into

We built the game using Unity Game Engine and C# to write scripts. The game uses models designed in Blender (as well as Creative Commons blender files). We ran into some issues when understanding the player movement and AI navigation, but learned through trial and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As this is both our first hackathon and first game project, we are proud of completing the game at all. We learned a lot about team programming work through experience. We also learned a lot from the various workshops, campsites, and businesses that set up desks.

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