We wanted to create a decentralised market for the predictive market where end users have higher control over their data.

Using AI to help users to create better future predictions .

What it does

Users can go and predict the market of future events with the assistance of the AI. Users can also see charts on how the market is presently at and they can also discuss markets. Each market is created using ipfs and blockchain, hence the end user has more control over his data.

Users can buy and sell using Etherum to bet on their future predictions

How we built it

Gnosis platform built on react,django was modified and used for predictive markets. facebook comments was used to discuss various topics. Predictions based on machine learning models. Charts for coin value or stock prices via third party API's Popularity of a topic via google trends and twitter.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the gnosis platform to integrate predictive market platform. Learning to use react,node,django and docker all one place while using Etherum.

Using Machine Learning models to predict the market to assist the users for a better understanding of the market and smoother end-user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working on top of a sophisticated platform such as gnosis and building on top of it was a truly open source experience.

What we learned

gnosis platform ,making machine learning models,reactjs etc.

What's next for

Better AI predictions based on Deep Learning taking more real world parameters.

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