After the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, long travel has been a great risk to an individual and small businesses have also taken a huge hit. We thought of this very issue and tried to solve it using our website to the best of our abilities. Venture solves these issues by reducing the risk factor of the employer as well as the employee by connecting small businesses with local labour, which prevents the necessity of extensive travelling. Also, local labour always turns out to be cheaper. Thus, this results in the companies cutting down on their expenditure and also helps them thrive in a safer environment.

What it does

Venture is a user friendly website which enables small businesses to find employees within their community based on their skill level. In addition to that Venture acts as a chatbot that shortlists the best available jobs for the user based on his/her skill level. the chatbot checks if the candidate is an adult and then moves on to ask the candidate for his/her skills. It then matches the skills with the database of employers and checks if the candidate possesses the required skillset. If it gets a hit in the database, it gives you the job information and proceeds to ask you if you are interested in the opportunity. If the user replies in the affirmative, it provides the contact details of the company and wishes the user luck.

How we built it

We built it using flask as our backend which we connected to a localized database which was able to filter through the jobs as per the chatbot requirements. The chatbot was built using the chatterbot library and was written in python

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the database queries to the chatbot code was challenging and training the chatbot to be versatile proved to be extremely time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a rough prototype

What's next for Venture

We hope to implement the similar chat-bot technology with our users/employers. This technology has proven to be a very user-friendly and a simplified method of filtering data. We also want to take Venture to a larger scale and assist many small and local businesses find good people to hire. Our immediate goal would be to make this platform available pan-India and promote all kinds of local businesses, including street vendors and small mobile businesses.

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