ICO ecosystem contains the seed of its own destruction, "lack of unbiased information." Until we fix this problem, the governments will continue to set heavy regulations for ICO, which may untimely leads to the complete ban of ICO. We, Ventuary provides a new ICO rating ecosystem that not only brings back trust to the ecosystem, but gives investors huge returns & helps startups scaling up exponentially.

What it does:

See here:

An iOS application for exploration of ICO projects and subscriptions. Machine Learning based recommendation engine and rating system has implemented.

Challenges we ran into:

Data collecting, data cleaning, data wrangling, right target research

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Collaboration of Business development and technology implementation

What we learned:

aaaa, umm, hmm, it was fun! The "blockchain" is most commonly word/topic for all ICO projects :)

What's next for Ventuary Search:

Publishing apps, improving accuracy, community development

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