We are students from McGill University and have noticed that McGill’s mental health resources are highly inaccessible, with wait times up to four months long. We wanted to solve this problem of inaccessibility of mental health support by providing our community with a simple and reliable empathetic listening service.

What it does

We created a website that allows those going through a difficult time to schedule an appointment to meet in a café with one of our volunteers trained in active listening to vent over a cup of tea.

How I built it

Basic HTML 5 yay ! (not really experienced with, but it was fun. We love to design, so that was mostly it.)

Challenges I ran into

CSS layout.....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are almost done!

What I learned

More experience with javascript, jquerry, node for the mailing form and the awesome hackathon culture

What's next for ventOverTeaBeta

App development and incorporation !

Built With

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