Address the shortage of ventilators

What it does

Provides low cost (less than $100) ventilation for critical patients

How we built it

The first prototype automates the hand-operated ventilator (BVM) used by emergency personnel using a stepper motor, ST Micro stepper driver, mbed Real-time operating system that can run on any ARM Cortex CPU, 3D printed parts, Linear actuator mechanical design

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on parts that would be easily available for mass production

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first prototype works. The design for the second one is complete.

What we learned

Learn from others. Build and revise. Build and revise...

What's next for Ventilators

Share the design and experience globally.

Built With

  • arm
  • bldcmotor
  • c++
  • mbed
  • rtos
  • steppermotor
  • stmicro
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