On March 22, 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, a doctor wrote a New York Times OpEd with a simple request:

“Big tech needs to rapidly build and scale a cloud-based national ventilator surveillance platform which … would allow hospitals nationwide to report their I.C.U. bed status and their ventilator supply daily, in an unprecedented data-sharing initiative.”

We are a group of volunteers here to answer the call to action.

What it does

We built this platform with the mission to:

  • provide an aggregated overview of critical ventilator demand.

  • connect medical facilities with verified ventilator suppliers.

How I built it

Gathered friends and volunteers online and began digesting our initial spec. We've got technical planning thinking about the longer term solutions, designers working on wireframes and user stories, and an MVP up to test some of our core product hypotheses.

Challenges I ran into

We have major product assumptions around the feasibility and ease of hospital staff sharing their daily or weekly ventilator status. If we can get a regular cadence of updates, we can build a clean index of demand and utilization over time. We are focusing our efforts on testing the easiest manners possible to capture this data.

The next hypothesis is that the data index will be both interesting and useful, capturing the attention of suppliers trying to answer the question of what destination is most in need. If we can succeed in centralizing the answer to that question, we believe we can capture supplier interest and make the connection of supply and demand a fast and efficient process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The team that came forward immediately the help get this started.

What I learned

Focus on the M in MVP.

What's next for Ventilator Registry

Our two next tasks are:

  • Identify subject matter experts from the healthcare professional world to advise our project
  • Launch an outreach effort to collect our first set of status updates from hospitals

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