What is Ventib?

Ventib is an exceptional speech recognition program and statistic generator. Our Android app records every sentence you say, transcribing them in real-time. In addition, your speech and location is uploaded to our server, which does heavy analysis on your linguistic behaviors and provides interesting statistics, in addition to a search function. Our powerful search tool allows you to search through your past speech with ease.


There are apps for tracking running, walking, and nearly all other things, but none for your speech. We wanted to be able to view a history and analysis of our past speech, so we built Ventib.

How does it work?

The Android app continuously listens for new speech, and whenever there is a pause, it adds it to an internal buffer.The app then transcribes this speech, and periodically uploads data to our Ventib server. Following this, a set of statistics functions are run, and displayed on your dashboard. You can also search through speech in order to receive timestamped transcriptions with location data. In addition, you will receive real-time transcriptions of your voice on a Pebble.


Our team utilized the Flask Python microframework, and PostgreSQL for our database. We also used materialize.css for our frontend, and Java in Android Studio for our Android app.

What's next?

The future of Ventib will contain additional factoids, a refine search engine, and an "Okay Ventib" hotword to order food or perform other actions.

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