According to WHO.INT 2 Billion people around the globe are still dependent on burning biomass fuel such as wood in (mud Chula/Clay stove) for cooking food. But the downside is that it is very harmful to health and environment as the smoke created for these biomass fuels are an outcome of incomplete combustion and inhalation of these harmful smoke leads to 2 million premature deaths every year in around the world. So this huge issue inspired me to create a Stove which gives better combustion than primitive Clay stoves, emit less smoke, and also very cheap to buy, helping the Poor people.

What it does

Our project Venti-cook is a metallic Stove with two fans in opposite sides, one rotates clockwise (used to pull air inside) and anther rotates anti-clockwise (to push smoke outside) and works with peddling system, with this mechanism the user only has to use the peddle which will act both as an exhaust fan and an air blower making it a cleaner and safer options as there user doesn’t have to go near the flame-like in case of the pipe air blower. And the user has full control over the flame. we also have a metallic welded under the stove so that the burnt ash can escape and doesn't require much cleaning.


Air Blower fan: - to supply air for complete combustion. Exhaust fan: - Emit our smoke to avoid inhalation by the user. Easy to use: - similar to mud Chula making it easy to use for rural people. Full-metal Body: - made of full metal making to strong and durable. Pedal system: making cooking comfortable and regulate flame according to the user. Exit ring: to avoid any spill of liquid like milk or water into the flame. Metal net:- ashes of firewood easily escapes out.

Challenges we ran into

1.) For making the animated image we have to learn the SOLID WORKS from the beginning. 2.) Calculating the actual measurement us hard for us as physical laws don't work properly in solid works. 3.) Due to lockdown, it was hard for us to get the desirable parts from the shops 4.) The welding worker being unfamiliar to this type of complex works so we have to stays there for hours to see whether they work is going in the right directions 5.) Transportation was also an issue as it was heavy to be carried by single person on a bike so we have to hire a tempo to deliver it to our home.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we’re proud of how we’ve dealt with time pressure and worked cohesively as a team to actualize our start-up goals, which we believe would have a genuinely positive impact on saving many lives once implemented properly.

What we learned

Team members of VENTI-COOK were able to grow their area of competence by participating in the whole process of idea definition, market research, validation, prototyping, and presentation. Through different challenges we faced, we learned that problems could be approached by many means, but most importantly our mission should be clear.

What's next for VENTI - COOK

Our product has a huge market potential Because 2 billion people still use Clay stove, we can replace them with our product, the manufacturing cost will be nearly $6.5 dollars and the retail price will be nearly $ 9.4 dollars with $ 2.9 as profit. So approximately we have a market of $ 2 billion. Our main target will be rural households across India and Africa where clay stove still used in abundance.

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