An application to give people the power to connect and share meaningful interactions

Time Spent

110 Hours


  • [X] User can make a profile and log in
  • [X] User can log in with Facebook credentials
  • [X] User can make events
  • [X] User can see and join events around them
  • [X] User can access all other user's profiles within a public event

Optional Tier 1

  • [X] Filter for events based on interests
  • [X] Allow user to search events based on name
  • [X] Add tags for events relating to specific interests
  • [X] Group chat within each event
  • [X] Check for a .ufl email address for security
  • [X] Integrate Yelp API to pull events

Optional Tier 2

  • [X] Invite only vs public events
  • [X] Follow other users
  • [X] Load events based on radius of created location
  • [X] Ability to see a user’s past events
  • [X] Ability to see followers and following

Optional Tier 3

  • [X] Remake a past event
  • [X] OAuth2 call to allow user to login to Uber
  • [ ] Integrate Uber API into chat for users to request rides
  • [ ] Check-in feature when a person comes to an event (bump phones together? bluetooth? location check?)


  • [X] Custom splash screen
  • [ ] Splash screen animation
  • [X] Custom search bars
  • [X] Tableviews fade in
  • [X] Subviews slide on the screen
  • [X] Loading indicators
  • [X] Alerts for bad data entry
  • [X] Screen moves to match textfield
  • [X] Clean color scheme


  • [ ] Autolayout

Optional Tier ???

  • [ ] Nick's camera idea

Vente Gif Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

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