Snakes and scorpions may inject venom, when in danger. A proper identification of species and severity is required for proper treatment. Based on a large number of patients' data and SWIM technology (patented), we developed this software Venomex that helps in identifying the venomous species and degree of severity of the victim by answering a simple set of 29 questions in Yes/No and doctors can easily detect the type of venomous species and degree of envenomation injected in the body using the app installed in their handsets.

In present scenario, the medical experts just examine few of the symptoms of the venom bitten area in the patient’s body and based on their experience, they give the hypothesis of the possible snakes/scorpions. But that’s not at all full proof and scientifically proven method to detect the venomous species because that may differ from doctor to doctor and their medical career experience. We developed it on mobile platform since now smart phones have become much popular and it will help the doctors to use it more robustly.

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