I wanted to make a chat-app that worked similar to how people interact in real life: by connecting them based on mutual interests/feelings/moments and allowing them to reveal more about themselves over time (instead of the all-at-once profile page of conventional dating chat apps).

What it does

Venn is a dating app that connects matches based on their visual responses to questions; matches are semi-anonymous at first, then reveal more info to each user if both keep the conversation going.

The matching is done by an in-app bot that chats with the user to learn the user's preferences and that provides daily matches based on these preferences.

Messages are never stored on our servers and only live on your and your matches' device.

How I built it

Built with iOS, Magnet, Parse, and a good amount of coffee.

Challenges I ran into

Time! I came across this contest very late in the game, so I had to really scramble to get it together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Shipping an initial version!

What I learned

Realtime communication adds an awesome, yet hard-to-describe feel to apps.

What's next for Venn

More dynamic matching, more conversations/abilities for the in-app bot, and getting some users!

Also, I'm looking forward to adding in read recipients and unread counters for each chat.

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