We started off this hackathon not really sure what we would be making and were stuck for a while. Eventually we settled on making a dashboard to sort of visualize what is going on in your Venmo account. But as we kept building, we kept adding more and more features utilizing Venmo's fairly open and rich API that the original simple visualization platform we wanted to create in the beginning had become a larger platform. Venmo Dash is now a web application that allows users to see where their money is going, who it's going to, create payments and charges, as well as schedule future payments and create recurring payments.

How it works

After the user logs in through the splash page, a simple but informative dashboard page is displayed to the user. From here, the user is presented with a donut chart displaying net gains and losses through their use of the platform as well as who the money is going to in the form of friend cards containing names, user_ids, and a horizontal bar chart.

Additionally, the user can schedule future payments and recurring payments through the pop-open forms right below the main profile view. Here, the user can specify exactly when the payment or charge should go through.

What We learned

While the Venmo web application itself isn't exceptionally feature rich, Venmo's APIs are extremely open and extensible which allows almost any possible application to build on top of Venmo.

What's next for Venmo Dash

Additional analytics, forecasting, predictive reminders, more visualizations etc.

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