Wgdesign develops mapping and infastructure for several global health crisis and clinic development.

What it does

Inform medical staff and humanitarian aid of active sites for medical assistance. Learning through developing several disaster site assistance programs wgdesign assisted in understanding many complexities of humanitarian assistance and delivering this aid.

How I built it

Humanitarian data Exchange, and street maps are of extreme utility capture the areas of vulnerability and alerts to infectious disease. Wgdesign works with WHO data to assist in imunization charting in conflict areas such as The Congo region and Ebola crisis.

Challenges I ran into

As usual the topological, terrain and infrastructure damage is extremely important to understand in disaster relief scenarios. Involve in conflict areas of natural resource distribution is more difficult as the tensions in the area are very high, the risk to medical is also very high. Learning to anticipate and plan alternative scenarios through data mapping and planning apps are critical. This data is not well delivered. Missing longitude and latitude points, date and time scales, random categories for statistics created a long term project for deeper analysis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Two years award at tech disrupt New York for disaster mapping The Nepal Earthquake The Zika Virus and standing water contamination in conjunction with similarities of mosquito infection in West Nile Virus

What I learned

There is a light at the end of the cosmic dance, the more we focus on health and well being the more humanity will receive health and well being.

What's next for Venezuelan Health Map

Advanced analysis of the statistics and mapping information for continuity and place of infrastructure. Example Zika virus is not published after 2017, that we discovered, require indepth study to capture more accurate exposure rates and facility builds and management.

Built With

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posted an update

Discovered fist of many strategic data sets, HMX data and other information sources like social media and press releases. Much of this work is distilling the large data components into smaller more manage stories. Areas such as the massive blackout in 50% of Venezuela is an example of illuminating the damages and not pointing fingers at blame. I am interested in ensuring people have safe medical, food and water, not play a blame game.

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