Target Users

Primary: Doctors & Researchers Secondary: Venezuelan Citizen Tertiary: The World

What it does

How we built it

  1. Extracted data from the PDF files shared for challenge
  2. Created CSV file to integrate in Datadrum
  3. Visualized the data via Flourish & Tableau

Challenges we ran into

Data extraction tools like OCR are inaccurate Lack of automated data validation Utilizing the tool as what we wanted

What we learned

Thinking outside of the box: No-coding can be helpful for coding Figuring out the scope of project by Target User's needs / painpoints Managing time & plan is really important for effective collaborative work Learned how to create useful data with new tools in a day

What's next for Venezuelan Health Dataset_Open Data

Build the source to predict the Health Data Gap 2017~ by using the data below -Weather: temperature -Vector: insects -Groups: (age / sex) -Neighboring country

Built With

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