To assist with infrastructure development and site locations with data from HMX, and others. Helpful to identify areas with critical need medical assistance, such as conflict areas

What it does This is a flexible application to assist with 1 responders, and developers to understand the medical facility landscape. There will be a window to place address, coordinate information, and locate hospital, clinic within this radius. Other data information is available on the dashboard, and custom requests for emergency service, like power outages, supply areas, date of delivery, to offset the Puerto Rico Hurricane disaster.

How I built it This is an Esri application, with needed skills in geo-spatial analysis. The system requires patience, and strict data adherance to the geo-spatial requirements.

Challenges I ran into The data is very unstable. I tried to create several layers with updates on hospital builds, 2016, 2019, clinics SQL's on several categories, not successful. I needed more time to set up a querry in Google or MangoDB, Redis. With geospatial data many points not filled, I copied the points to list the hospital or clinic on the map. I recomend a "data sweep" once a month to refresh and check data accuracy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I like the new apps in esri, I hope to complete the dashboard with other data such as conflict injury data, proximity to medical care, and others data of interest

What I learned These systems are very familiar, I have received two awards from TechDisrupt using esri mapping. There are challenges, now using the advanced features to obtain spatial, distance data analysis. This is a great feature, for 1st reponders, place a search for address and receive recent proximity coordinates.

What's next for Venezuela Medical Infrastructure Publish this app soon. I thinks since last year wgdesign is gaining a strong medical assistance application, useful in many situations, like 19-CorVir. Yes I am structuring this WHO data with a proximity model. Thank You for this great opportunity to help people.

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