The project is inspired by a tested and successful way of communicating to people. People love communicating using predefined messages and do so frequently.

What it does

Allows people to communicate to their Facebook friends using predefined messages.

How it works:

A user adds the chat addon to their Facebook Messenger and then clicks on the Vene icon inside Messenger and starts a predefined conversation with their friend. Let's say the user chooses to start with this predefined question: “Have you seen my white horse?”. The user's friend then has three reply options: “Yes, it's been eating my flowers all day. Get him out!”, “Nope, I haven't.”, “I have, but now he's mine!”. This predefined dialogue continues back and forth, each user seeing three options which are based on the previously sent response.

How I built it

Using RNN, text recognition, react, and ask us for more.

Challenges I ran into

We took on a complex challenge from start: to create predefined conversations automatically without any user input. So naturally, we had to deal with some complex machine learning problems. Our diverse team of developers had little experience with machine learning or natural language processing so we had to figure out how to create these conversations automatically from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Forming half the team at HackPrague and working with each of them after the competition ended.

What's next for Venebot

Put some money into it through Facebook ads, get people to install the addon, and hope for an organic growth of usage.

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