What it does

Vendopé is a mobile app that we hope will reinvent the way small businesses and talented amateurs find business. In a sleek, seamless, and intuitive design, Vendopé allows the user to search through local listings from users like him or herself. Each listing is intended to efficiently communicate the skills, pricing, and ratings of each user. Once the user finds a person he or she would like to hire for a task, take for example a pedicure, the person need only tap contact on our app and arrange the job and meeting with the other user. Satisfied with the experience? Give the person a 5-star rating. Not so much? Maybe a 3 this time. At the same time, if you happen to be one of those 5-star manicurists, but you don't feel like going through the hassle of starting up an entire business for something you enjoy doing on the side, then hop on Vendopé and get (sort of) working!

With the average Joe, everyday user kept in mind during the entirety of the development process for this app, we certainly believe our app would be a welcome change in the world of employment and labor. Got some spare time in the afternoon and give pretty decent haircuts? Want to find commissions for your own amateur design studio? Need to find someone to help you move into your new apartment after asking your friends and witnessing their sudden, mysterious disappearance? Forget the hassle and the hustle of getting other parties involved. Be your own agent.


Our group was largely inspired by the idea of crowdsourcing an app. The idea that tons of people could come together to form such a crucial part of the app, thereby helping us developers and themselves in using said app, really appealed to us. We ran through a few initial pitches and began to notice common trends in all of our suggestions. We wanted an app that any user could feel comfortable immediately jumping into. With that in mind, we focused on topics that could be relatable to a common user base of people with both an abundance of time on their hands and a degree of unique skills/talents!

How We built it

We built Vendopé on Swift with Xcode. We used multiple frameworks (such as Eureka, MMDrawer, Mapkit, etc.) to try and implement a well-designed, responsive application. We also used Parse as the database for our backend.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge this time around was definitely time management. With so many features in mind and only two days to build it from scratch, while dealing with a learning curve for some of us, we certainly had to axe a few other ideas we thought would've been great to have in there that didn't make it to demo day. Other challenges we ended up facing were eventually solved through proper Googling technique, honed from years of training and practice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Personally, I'm very proud of the idea and product my team arrived at. I think it's a friendly user app with an interesting topic that only has all the more room to keep going up, becoming friendlier and more interesting every step of the way. I'm also very proud of the dedication my group took to put up such an effort. After spending so long plugging away at ideas and figuring out storyboards, we spent night and day churning out

What we learned

I learned plenty of Swift during this adventure. I've also learned that keeping up with the latest and greatest of libraries and frameworks certainly helps when it comes to churning out products and learning new technologies.

What's next for Vendopé

While nothing's been agreed on yet, I'd love to keep working on it. I firmly believe that Vendopé is an idea worth continuing. Hopefully in the future, we'll be able to finish more of the features we were looking forward to like multi-category support, in app communication systems, and multi-platform support.

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