We took a look at what data can we gather and what could we do with the opportunities it provides. Tackling problems like pollution and climate change are important in this moment we live in, so we wanted to dedicate our 48h to this cause.

What it does

Our project is a comprehensible overview of data, collected from manufacturers and satellite imagery, to promote companies, who use and prioritize sustainable supply chains. It is a badge to display on products, it provides information on whether the products manufacturing process ensures minimum harm to the environment. A more comprehensive and detailed overview of our ranking is shown on our webpage, which is accessible by clicking the badge.

How we built it

We built a simple to use web module, that can be included/embedded in our customer websites. This simple web module consumes data from our WEB API, that aggregates and calculates environment sustainability index/score data about factories that are involved in product manufacturing. Our module integrates ESA maps layers to show environment pollution related data in the region where factories are located.

Challenges we ran into

Data was much harder to aggregate and use than we initially expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We reached our goal to prepare working prototype for environment sustainability information module.

What we learned

There is data all around us, but we need to find the right usage.

What's next for Eternal Earth

Collect relevant data about environmental sustainability (manufacturing process, raw material processing, pollution and other factors). Aggregate data to provide more accurate and user-friendly informative presentation about environmental sustainability and impact on the environment by choices we make every day.

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