Sprint planning is a bi-weekly routine for many teams. One of the ways the planning is done is Velocity-Driven Sprint Planning. However, this involves doing a lot of manual work to arrive at a result, which can be achieved with better automation.

What it does

Velocity Sprint Planning & Tracking app introduces a more convenient way of Velocity-Driven Sprint Planning, with automating average sprint velocities, calculating individual user's velocity to account for user absences and providing with a convenient drag-and-drop user interface.

How I built it

The app is built using Vue.js with many FOSS components provided by vue-aui package. However, it was necessary to make many of the additional components myself - such as issue cards, swimlanes, columns, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Building the app brought many challenges, such as building an interface for swimlanes and cards that mimics the one that Agile teams are accustomed to. There also were some problems of respecting ranking on the boards as well as supporting issues moving from backlog to sprint and sprint to backlog.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a final product better than I have expected in the first place.

What I learned

More CSS tricks.

What's next for Velocity Sprint Planning & Tracking

This app will be released in Atlassian Marketplace to gather feedback from the first users and will be improved based on the user suggestions.

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