There is a Velocity Report in JIRA Software, but there is no relevant dashboard gadget for it. That's why I've decided to fill the gap in order to help Agile Teams to better visualize the status and progress.

What it does

The gadget shows planned and completed velocity for last 7 sprints.

The gadget configuration allows you to choose:

  • how data are displayed - as a bar chart or lines
  • include average velocity lines
  • filter sprints by name using regular expression

See screenshot examples in the documentation page.

How I built it

The view part of the gadget was built using React while the configuration relies on standard AJS.Gadget object

Challenges I ran into

I spent some time on figuring out how to embed React into gadget view

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While built from scratch the Velocity Gadget is 99% looks like a JIRA Software velocity report, but has more configuration options.

What's next for Velocity Chart Gadget for JIRA

  • wallboard mode support
  • option to show more than 7 sprints of the board

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