Our inspiration came from a music theory website that has animations that teaches music. We liked the idea of an educational site. So, we thought of a site that could teach sports. We searched for a site that was similar to our or had the functionality that we wanted and we couldn't find it. So we decided to build it.

What it does

The sites purpose is to help teach the game of football, but not just the rules in boring text format. Although, we do have a page for the rules that is not the main focus. We wanted to teach the routes and plays of football by showing a interactive animation right in the browser so the person learning can quickly visualize what each play or defense is. Along with being able to interact and change parts of the animation to see what would happen.

How we built it

We had two people working on the front end and two people working on the back end animations. The front end was built using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap to help with the scaling for mobile and device sizes. We also used some jQuery to help load text. For the back-end we are running the website off of Github and are using a free domain name. The animations for the site where made using PixiJS, which is an open source JS framework. For the characters in the animations we also used

Challenges we ran into

Half the group had never used Git before so learning git, and then trying to avoid merge conflicts while not messing up the master branch. Also, learning a new JS framework pixiJS. Although we had used JS before we had to learn what was built in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Git and not completely destroying our repo.

What we learned

How to host a website on Github for free. How to use pixiJS. Some of us learned how to you Git and Github to successfully version control a project. We also learned how to work as a team better to get the project done.

What's next for Velociraptor Football

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