Imagine driving your car and competing with your friends to lower your fuel consumption in real-time. That's VELOcar™.

It starts by setting a goal, comparing your driving habits to peers and making changes to your driving habits, leading to a safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly driving experience.

VELOcar™ sources data from a number of devices and databases that read and communicate OBD II data. In addition, VELOcar sources auxiliary data to calculate fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and peer benchmarking. The data is then pushed to VELOcar where visualization and peer benchmarking filters are applied. VELOcar performs data exchange sending and receiving data to and from your car in real time. VELOcar can read data such as acceleration information, odometer, fuel efficiency, fuel level, vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel level, fuel consumed since restart, distance covered since restart and ignition status.

Check out the READ ME file for detail on how the App works.

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