Imagine driving your car and competing with your friends to lower fuel consumption in real-time. Imagine earning a discount on your insurance bill for being an efficient driver. That's VELOcar™.

It starts by setting a goal, comparing your driving habits to peers and making changes to your driving habits, leading to a cheaper, safer and environmentally friendly driving experience.

So, why is VELOcar™ useful?

  • Helps consumers to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs
  • Provides consumers with an easy way to understand and use vehicle data stored in OBD-II systems
  • Provides new drivers with critical feedback in real-time, allowing parents to monitor their children's driving habits when they are not physically present in the car
  • Enables insurance companies to offer evidence-based products that engage consumers and reduce risk
  • Enables automobile companies to engage consumers and employees in behavioral sustainability programs

The VELOcar™ prototype has been set up to accommodate a typical user who may know little about VELOcar™ and/or OBD-II data. The goal of the prototype is to allow you to experience the product, the full workflow and its features without needing to sign up. Please see the enclosed User Guide for a step-by-step walk through of VELOcar™

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