Traditional utility bills are difficult to read and full of unneeded information. Consumers lack the relevant information that will help them manage utility costs and make smart decisions about consumption.

VELObill makes it easy and rewarding to use Green Button data. With just a few clicks, consumers can view their utility usage, measure whether it is high or low, compare it to that of their peers and examine ways to save money. With this useful information in-hand, users will create an energy saving action plan and decide whether to change consumption habits or seek an infrastructure upgrade to their home.


  • Experience what it’s like to upload real data from Green Button
  • Display electricity, natural gas and water consumption in a simple, single view
  • View past usage and peak-demand usage to uncover savings opportunities
  • Compare your usage to that of your neighbors or your friends
  • Set goals to reduce energy and track progress over time
  • Evaluate the cost and payback of energy efficiency upgrades
  • Set a budget and find local contractors to help meet your goals


  1. Visit the VELObill portal.
  2. Click on the Green Button to test drive VELObill.
  3. Experience what it's like to upload your own Green Button data.
  4. Go to www.zerofootprint.net to view and download a sample of Green Button data set.

Check out the READ ME file for detailed instructions on how to navigate through the App.

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