We came up with VELO as we realized that sending a photo from your phone to your computer can take a long time. We wanted a way to send media in a faster way. We then came up with VELO which is short for velocity, it would be Bluetooth operate as wide connections are bad most of the time.

What it does

VELO, a revolutionary decentralized Bluetooth file-sharing platform that aims to make sure users can send media at lightning-fast speeds, while guaranteed unparalleled privacy protection and full ownership of your data. Best of all, VELO doesn’t need a centralized data center of complex servers to power it. It simply needs your phones and personal computers.

How we built It

We worked together sharing ideas, creating color palettes, and having fun creating a cool app we also used Figma to create a mockup and Canva to create a pitch deck.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was creating the mockup as we had not used Figma before but after a quick youtube video, we were able to create it. Another problem we had was getting teamwork as we all had different times zone communication has its flaws.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning more about Bluetooth technology
  • Creating and Building our idea in such a short time ## What we learned we primarily learned how to balance and work with a team on such stressful projects. We also learned about Bluetooth's amazing technology. Finally how a hackathon is run as this was our first hackathon for most of us.

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