We have seen people getting confused of whether their vehicle has been 'TOWed' or stolen, so we came up with the idea of having a platform for the vehicle owners to check if their vehicle is towed.

How it works

The officer towing the vehicles will have to click pictures of the vehicles being towed as a proof of improper parking. The data - vehicle number, from where the vehicle is towed, which centre is it taken to. This information will be uploaded on the site and the owners will be sent an email with the uploaded information. Then the users can check for their vehicles.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of knowledge of Bootstrap was a problem to make the site responsive. Also, less knowledge of android application development forced us to develop a site instead of an App.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completion of the project

What I learned

Some new concepts like Bootstrap, JSP,etc.

What's next for VehicleGOTTowed

Android App for the same.

Built With

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