What I Did

I was a Component Test Engineer, working as part of the Vehicle Engineering Test Group. Over my term, I was assigned several projects. I developed a position-feedback actuation system designed to control four actuators at once. The software was developed using LabView. This system was used for any tests requiring one-axis movement of a component.

My Main project was to build a Model X power lift gate testing rig. The rig was used for firmware development and regression testing. The rig effectively simulated the loads on a Model X power lift gate, but fit within a designated space in a testing room. The fixture was compact, cheap to build, and effective at fulfilling all criteria and constraints.

I conducted several component tests by designing and building electromechanical and pneumatic testing fixtures. These test fixtures moved the component in user-representative ways to examine wear on the component as well as possible sources of error. The bulk of my testing came from the validation of a new generation of the Model X sun visor, where I was working closely with the sun visor design engineer to validate his design, testing it to make sure it wouldn't fail once introduced.

Contact me to learn more about what I did at Tesla! E-mail: mkrutiy@uwaterloo.ca

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