Do you need to go to the grocery store often, just because your produce simply does not last? Do you find it tiring having to touch every single avocado just to find the perfectly right one? Is organic food unaccessible in your area, expensive and unnatainable? Do you feel bad when you see all the plastic waste we cause when buying in big supermarket networks? This is our inspiration, the impact that an action as simple as buying and consuming food can impact our environment.

What it does

Our platform connects final consumers with farmers in an innovative way, plastic free, zero waste, contactless and delivered right into your doorstep. Our experience differentiates itself by providing recipes from renowned chefs. Teaches you how to plant with our seed based packaging, do your own composter and use your organic waste to produce your own organic fertilizer and plant more efficiently. We also have VIP membership where you can receive the produce in 24h and achieve our Greener Milestones, getting free goodies. With our project, we will be able to not only support small Farmers… We’ll reduce our carbon footprint – If you don’t eat animal based food for one day you’ll be able to reduce 14kg of CO2 released on the atmosphere and save 3.400 liters of water. We’ll reduce our water consumption – for every kilo o producedf meat we consume 14 thousand litters of water. We’ll reduce waste – our farmers will be able to calculate their demands way better, improving their logistics and reducing their waste before and after the markets. That’s our little way to change behaviors, working together with consumers and suppliers to change the way we eat and contribute to a better future for all.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to style our website and a little bit of js to give it a little bit more functionality

Challenges we ran into

Our team only had one developer so we were all always concerned if we would be able to have everything we wanted our project to have. We couldn't get the marketplace working and we also had some issues when trying to get the site online. We thought of using php but we wanted to use a tool that allows us to convert html to .apk and we weren't sure if it would work with .php files, and due to lack of time we couldn't convert it to .apk as well. We also faced chalenges understanding the logistics behind our business model, but we were able to achieve a sustainable model. The video editing was also a bit challenging, three computers were refusing to edit the video, quite a harsh nite hacking and editing...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to share our vision, adaptable for the new normal with local, contactless and circular economy. You can simply have fresh, organic, high quality produce in the comfort of your home, you do not have to expose yourself during pandemic, you don´t have to worry about things taking long to arrive. And we are proud of that!

What we learned

This weekend was impacting for us, we learned how much simple actions like consuming produce can impact a whole economy and ecosystem. How much impact our consuming habits cause? What do we consume? How we are leaving our world behind? This was an eye opening experience and we hope our solution can help you as it has helped us that there is a way, a different way of consuming, distributing and producing food.

What's next for vego.go

The ideal next steps would be to make the marketplace run in an optimal condition, contact our suppliers to achieve the best possible zero waste packaging and super high quality organic produce. Also would be nice to finish the App. We believe our idea would be economically viable here in Brazil and replicable all over the world.

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